My Journey

My Name is Darlene and I am the owner of RelaX and MooD Skin & Soul.

In 2013 I began my business Relax as a Massage Therapist, later training in Reiki and then after a few years of offering these services I began to realise that there was so much more healing through the "free" mentoring I was naturally giving during each session with my clients.

So to become more transparent and up front about the work I was actually doing Mentoring with Darlene was born. 

I began to help my clients to overcome difficulties in their lives, they gained clairty understanding who they were and what they wanted, this side of my business grew and I began to attract my own unique tribe.  

In 2018 I purchased a local small business called Mood Skin & Soul that offers hand made  Organic, Natural MooD body scrubs.   I have now expanded the MooD range and we also make Natural Perfumes and sell Crystal Jewellery Bracelets. 

I adore making products that help others feel like the goddess that you are.

This website is the merging of these two businesses, Relax & MooD Skin & Soul.(Read more about MooD further below)

As the owner I am deeply devoted to inspiring you all to become more self aware and understand who you truly are so that you can realise your unique gifts and live your soul purpose.

My tribe are Soul seekers who are here to ensure that everybody they come into contact with feels loved and nourished so that they are able to be the best they can be.  They are deeply concerned with helping other people and their well-being that they often neglect to take care of themselves.

You can find me on Facebook or Instagram too.

Are you apart of me tribe?

I also run two Facebook communties


Soulful Royal Care

Soulful Royal care which is basically deep selfcare, is where we all need to start our journey as when we truly take care of our needs and nurture ourselves we can be the best we can be 

Through Soulful Royal Care we can discover who we are and start to understand our life purpose, knowing this truly helps us to live a life we love.    I also run a secret 'Soulful Royal Care' page through facebook just email me at massage@outlook.co.nz to join our group.  


SoulMagic is a group especially for my Mentoring with Darlene clients, this is where we dive in deeply so we don't brush over anything therefore we get to reach our FULLEST potential!

Soul Magic sessions are also available this is where we combine massage and or Reiki with Mentoring so that you can recieve a experience that is unique to your current situation.

Often we glaze over our needs but when we dive in deep we can actually begin to understand what it is that our heart is telling us... here in lies the key!  But first we must settle in for some deep diving soulMagic!

If you would like to work with me please feel welcome to book a free 15 min Clarity Call to see if I can help you.  Just contact me on 02143 3316 to organise one.

Create a life you love to live,


Darlene Pearks

Inspirational Teacher


Our products are Meticulously handcrafted with love, MooD's Body Scrubs honour the earth with their ingredients and packaging just as much as they will honour your body.

MooD is owned by Darlene Pearks who is located in Whangarei, she is a Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner and Mentor who runs "Relax" and is deeply devoted to teaching all things that bring self care to every individual.

MooD Body Scrubs are packaged in gorgeous glass jars and made using 100% organic and natural ingredients including essential oils, butters and skin-loving oils MooD Body Scrub's make beautiful gifts for friends and family or anyone who needs a reminder of how much they are loved, and yes that includes you!

All our other products you find on our website are made locally by other gorgeous goddesses.  We only sell that what we love deeply ourselves so you can be rest assured that everything we offer on our website we have tried and fell in love with.

Darlene x