Intuitive Reveal

Intuitive Reveal readings are done online via Zoom and can also be recorded.

During your Intuitive Reveal with Darlene you will be surrounded by a beautiful healing energy, you will have space to see your situation with a sense of calm and clarity.

Darlene’s Intuitive Reveal sessions do just that, Intuitively Reveal what is happening in your life right now, as well as shining a light on what might be in the shadow.

These are powerful ways to receive guidance that will help you to be fully seen, understood, loved, and supported.

You will be guided through your session to ensure that it is customized to your unique situation.

Prior to your session, you can ask questions regarding anything you want clarification around such as relationships, work, family…

Darlene will share insights and use her laugh-out-loud humor to make sure you feel safe and at ease.  The Intuitive guidance that comes through with each reading is unique to Darlene’s gifts and style.

Darlene looks forward to working with you and gently guiding you through the whole process.

These are $60 for a session via Zoom or in Person on a Thursday at 25 Rathbone Street, Whangarei

You Can Book a session with Darlene here.

Energy Transformation

The next step after Darlene’s Intuitive Reveal Session is her Energy Transformation Support. After receiving the deep confirmation of what you have already sensed and known, you will see the path ahead with all new clarity. Being near the beautiful healing energy of Darlene, you will feel all new inspiration to actively step forward on your path and welcome in the world of spirit to support you.

When we act on the insight we have and trust ourselves to move forward with our guidance we feel close to spirit, supported, and expansive. We can open to new progress in our lives and see elevation in our health, career, business, relationships, and inner strength when we courageously take the next step.

This is the real magic behind the monthly Energy Transformation Support. When you have someone who can see, sense, and support you in trusting and taking inspired action, it makes the next few steps easier and smoother.

Moving from knowing to doing, requires a level of trust that some find very challenging on their own. When you have someone beside you who deeply resides in trust and lives close to spirit, putting one foot in front of the other with a sense of calm and clarity opens up all-new ease. 

Monthly Support includes:

  • Weekly recorded Intuitive reveal readings sent to you (4 per month)
  • 2 X 30min Intuitive Guidance Zoom sessions
  • Contact with Darlene via messenger as needed

Darlene is an Intuitive Seer who is known for her laugh-out-loud insight and soul-chuckling humor that drops any guarding and reminds us that we are seen, helped, and supported by the world of spirit.  With 9 years in Business, Darlene started in massage therapy and raised her rates 3 times before realizing her clients were lingering for more. Her gifts were bursting beyond the massage table and the insight and guidance she now provides is her true path. Darlene’s story of returning to Business after the death of her beloved Husband and creating a life and business that supports her soul truth in ease is deeply inspiring.

$266 Monthly

You Can Book a session with Darlene here.

“Darlene has a way of parting the veil and helping us to see into ourselves with all new clarity. My tarot reading was insightful, nurturing and healing. Sometimes, what few can see remains hidden within us. And it takes one with true sight to provide the clarity we need in our lives. This was a Business tarot reading which I have found accurately reflected my current position and gave clear guidance on my next steps. The Seer in Darlene will reveal what is ready to be seen by you”