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Intuitive Inner Healing

Our intuition is extremely powerful and it can talk to us in several ways.
Things never happen to us but for us and they are all part of a bigger picture.
Anything that happens in our outer world is for us, when we ignore it, yes you guessed it.. it goes, cycles and repeats itself.
Intuitive inner healing will help you use your outer world to heal your inner world.
This is a process we can repeat over and over again. Once you understand how to navigate this process it becomes a complete game changer.
This is a group course run over 6 weeks, 6 x 60min sessions weekly on a Wednesday, beginning 11th May 2022.
You will need to be fully responsible for yourself through this process. Additional support of a Facebook group will be included, so we can learn off each other.
Price: early bird $299 until 1st May than $349. (payment plans available)