Mentoring with Darlene

 Mentoring with Darlene



Life can feel a bit messy?  Can you relate?

 Sometimes we just know that everything is heading in the wrong direction but we cant see through the trees.  Clarity brings us a sense of peace and calm, it helps to guide us to know where to put our energy.  Without Clarity we feel like we are fumbling around in the dark.

I felt like this for most of my life until I stepped way out of my comfort zone and did something just because it felt good.  To that point in my life I had followed the path that seemed the most logical, but this left me feeling like something was missing and it just felt a bit icky.  I started to develop anxiety and then eventually the signs of burn out appeared.

The turning point was when I started to make decisions based on what felt nourishing and for fulling so I enrolled in a massage course.  Coming from a background in management this made absolutely no logical sense at all, but it felt so perfectly right.  So I followed this inner knowing and ever since that day I have not once said those words I used to constantly utter "I don't know what I want to be when I grow up"!

Stepping into myself took a whole lot of courage and I wasn't really aware of where I was going but I sensed that if I followed my desires they would never lead me astray.

I am so pleased that I followed that inner wisdom over 7 years ago as since then everything has changed for me.

My deep passion in helping others to do their inner work has become my work!  Helping my clients step through their resistance is something that comes easily to me because I know how scary it can feel.

Client feedback

"She is extremely understanding and wonderfully easy to discuss issues with.  Gently points you in the right direction, unlocks blocks and shows ways of tackling and dealing with the hard issues.

I am more confident about my direction; I have passion I lost years ago and have learnt how to deal with negativity.

...I recommend that you speak with Darlene, especially if you find it hard speaking openly to people in general, she has an insight that is very refreshing and calmly.


If you are ready to take the next step you can contact Darlene 021 1433316 or schedule a free 15min chat online to see how she can help you.