Intuitive Mentor - Darlene Pearks


Intuitive Mentor -  Darlene Pearks

 Darlene Peaks is a Intuitive Mentor and Healer who's dedicated to other Sparky's like herself who are tired of being the constant supply of love and support for everyone else while running on the proverbial 'empty'.  Growing up in a home with mental health issues left Darlene acting like a chameleon to accommodate the energy and needs of others around her.  At some point the exhaustion confirms we need to pull the plug form the world, and everyone else and reconnect to our own supply.

Darlene harnesses her authentic stories and laugh out loud comedy to help you drop your guard and be honest with yourself.  She is here to remind you that:  We are the generators of the energy, love and power we need to create all of our brightest dreams in reality!